Smoke Alarms For Your Home

Smoke detectors are legally required in every Victorian home.
If your home was built before 1997 you may have older style batter operated alarms. New homes are required to have interconnected wired alarms with a battery back up.

Is it time you updated your smoke detectors?

Smoke alarms should also be interconnected, so that when any alarm activates, all smoke alarms will sound.

When installed correctly, they provide an important layer of security against fire and smoke inhalation
We understand the significance of keeping your property safe. Our team can help you determine the optimal locations for your smoke detectors and install them correctly.


Despite their small size, smoke detectors perform a big job. They are a necessary element of any home’s safety system. The team of Electrx serve their clients with honest electrical safety solutions. Some of our service highlights:

  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Smoke Detector Replacement
  • Smoke Detector Maintenance
  • Compliance With All Regulations
  • Customised Solutions
  • Professional And Reliable Service
  • Emergency Callouts
  • Fault Finding

Smoke Sensor Testing

Testing the system is necessary before and after smoke detector installation. How we do it: 

  • Our team of skilled electricians ensures that the power source connections are securely connected to the smoke detector before proceeding with the testing process. 
  • We activate the detector’s test mode to simulate a smoke event, allowing us to determine if the sensor is functioning correctly.
  • During the test, we verify that the alarm sounds and alerts occupants immediately in the event of a fire hazard. 

We ensure our client peace of mind by knowing that their smoke detector systems are functioning correctly and can detect potential hazards with precision.
Contact us today to schedule your smoke detector installation, testing and maintenance services and ensure the safety of your home or business.


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Why Smoke Detectors?

Installing a smoke detector is a vital safety measure for any household. One way to ensure their safety is by installing smoke detectors on your property. The reasons why we recommend you professional smoke detector installation are:

  • In Australia, it is mandatory to have working smoke detectors installed in all residential properties. You could face fines and legal consequences if you don’t follow this requirement.
  • Not only do smoke detectors provide an early warning system for potential fire dangers, but they also allow for timely evacuation of the home in the event of an emergency.
  • Early detection can lead to faster response times, potentially saving more of your property and possessions.

Proper installation of smoke detectors is crucial to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness. Make a call right away for smoke detector installation for your Melbourne property.